Friday, May 20, 2011

Etsy Friday Favorites... Welcome Bags

We had a vision in mind of how we wanted the "Welcome Bags" to look and what we wanted in them   for out of town guests and relied on Etsy for several items.  The water bottle labels, Hershey kisses sticker and Kleenex tissues turned out precious and added such a personal touch.  We included our  own custom map and a salty snack as well.

  1. "Hugs and Kisses" stickers,  Ladybug Labels
  2. "Love" Water Bottle stickers, Natalily Designs
  3. "Tears of Joy" Kleenex Tissue, Tiggagator

We received numerous compliments on our bags and were very pleased how it all turned out.  The flower girl dresses, bride and groom chair signs, jewelry and parting gifts also were bought on Etsy.  I will share those in the coming weeks.  (ps...Aqua Fina water bottles worked great because the center, where the label is placed is smooth.  Many bottles are bumpy!)

{photos via me}

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