Friday, December 11, 2009

Glittens and Iphones

Only my BF Jaye would have know about "glittens" (glove and mitten)!  She is a shopaholic and constantly on her iphone and the cold weather started putting a cramp on her ease of using her phone.   The old gloves and mittens would not work with the iphone or any phone with a touch pad.  What to do?  Can't be cold, so let's go shopping.  She discovered something I never knew existed but soon went out to buy.  I also have the iphone and was tired of pulling those tight gloves on and off!  Here are a few cute pairs of glittens.  Enjoy!

  1. Found on Amazon - wool blend - $15.95
  2. Etsy - Debz Creations - wool blend (several colors) - $29
  3. Etsy - Debz Creations - wool blend (several colors) - $33
  4. J Crew - merino wool - other colors available - $14.99
  5. Apple iphone 3GS - starting at $199

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