Friday, November 20, 2009

6 Wonderful Holiday Gadgets Under $25.00

The Container Store catalog arrived a few days ago and I have picked out a few of my favorite holiday gadgets for friends and family.  These are items for kids and adults and very useful.  I am impressed with the prices as the highest price item I picked was $21.99.  What is even better is that you can purchase these online and save time and the stress of crowds at the mall.  After looking over my choices, I hope you go to their website and see the rest of the fun gadgets available!

  1. Desktop Speaker for iPod/iPhone, $9.99 - requires AAA batteries 
  2. Mouse USB Hub, $9.99 - Add this to your USB port to gain additional ports
  3. Magnetic Measuring Spoons, $14.99 - Stainless Steel spoons stack together magnetically
  4. Mini Eco-i-Lite, $21.99 - Serves as power failure light, flashlight and nightlight.
  5. Iphone/iPod Turbo Charge, $21.99 - Requires AA batteries, never be caught without power
  6. Lighted Pocket Magnifier, $9.99 - Ideal for dim lit events

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