Friday, November 6, 2009

Quick Weekend Garden Project!!

The gorgeous weather has got me motivated to start putting in pansies and kale. These do really well all winter in the Dallas, TX area. I was overwhelmed when I went into the nursery, but because today I was planting such a small space, it went pretty well. What colors do I pick? How big should the kale be? I decided not to let this be to hard of a decision and just picked what looked healthy and colorful. I like to get young plants, rather than leggy ones because they seem to last longer. The project only cost $27 and I already had the blood meal. Don't forget to add this if you have bunnies in the yard. After all the work was done, "Wes" wanted a cool drink of water. (So cute to me!)

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  1. Mom your blog is really good! no joke im impressed! I love you so mucho!